A sustainable event

The organizers of the IXth International Walnut and Pecan Nut Symposium are delighted to welcome you to Grenoble, winner of the title of European Green Capital 2022, from June 12th to 16th, 2023!

The organizers are committed to taking initiatives to minimize the negative impacts of the event:

  • Limiting printing, choosing a responsible ecological printer
  • Waste management, by implementing the 5R rule (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Return to the Earth)
  • Fight against plastic and single-use items
  • Responsible catering (local, fresh and seasonal products, vegetarian options)
  • Fight against food waste. Any surplus will be donated to local associations (we will ask you to let us know when you register if you will not be having lunch there).
  • Encouraging travel by public transportation (one conference venue and related activities accessible by public transportation). A transportation pass will be offered to participants for the duration of the symposium.
  • Promotion of local partners: food producers
  • Accessibility: accessibility of the website, simultaneous translation, reception of people with disabilities.


You too can be an actor of this approach by implementing the following eco-actions:

  • Reduce and sort your waste
  • Eat healthy, organic, local: take advantage of the good addresses of the organizing committee to discover typical restaurants and local producers
  • Drink responsibly: bring your water bottle or cup that you can use at the food and water fountains. They will be particularly useful during the technical visit and the excursions. (Water during breaks and lunches will be served in glass bottles or carafes)
  • Minimize paper consumption
  • Travel by public transportation, bicycle or on foot. Use public transportation with the TAG network (5 streetcar lines and 18 bus lines)
  • Put your badge and its lanyard in the collection bins provided for this purpose before leaving the congress as they are reused and reusable.
  • Travel conscientiously by choosing low-carbon modes of transportation: find out how much CO2 you emit during your trip. https://monimpacttransport.fr/
  • Carpool with other delegates using the congress platform