Poster List


These posters will be presented on June 13, from 09:45 – 09:55


  • (P01) : Determining the chilling requirements to overcome dormancy of three pecan nut cultivars

Dr. Neus Aleta Soler (IRTA, Spain)

  • (P02) : Seasonal dynamic of sap macro and micro elements composition in walnut (Juglans regia) cv. Lara

Dr. Julien Toillon (ANPN (Association nationale des producteurs de noisettes), France)

  • (P03) : Climate change and walnut budbreak phenology: Assessing cultivar-specific chill and heat requirements in NE Spain

Dr. Neus Aleta Soler (IRTA, Spain)

  •  (P04) : Application of BBCH codification to walnut (Juglans regia L.) phenophase

Dr. Julien Toillon (ANPN (Association nationale des producteurs de noisettes), France)

  •  (P05) : Environmental suitability of walnut (Juglans regia) in south-central Chile under projected climae changes

Prof. Gabino Reginato (University of Chile, Chile)

  •  (P06) : GERMAINE, CHARLETTE and DORIANNE: three new French varieties being registered for a release in 2025, a tribute to three figures of walnut sector development in France

Ms. Eloïse Tranchand (Station expérimentale de la noix de Creysse, France)

  •  (P07) : Horticultural field performance of new putative resistant walnut rootstock genotypes compared to seedling Paradox and standard clonal Paradox rootstocks

Janine Hasey (University of California Coop. Extension, USA)

  • (P08) : Microsatellite fingerprinting and evaluation of genetic relationship for new perspective walnut genotypes from Nikita Botanical Gardens

Dr. Sergey Khokhlov (Nikita Botanical Gardens, Russia Federation)

  • (P09) : Agronomic and quality evaluation of pecan tree varieties collection in the Southwest of Spain

Dr. Margarita López Corrales (CICYTEX (Centro de Investigaciones científicas y tecnológicas de Extremadura), Spain)




These posters will be presented on June 14 from 10:15 – 10:21


  • (P10) : Pruning strategy depending on the variety (Franquette, Fernor, Lara)

Ms. Delphine SNEEDSE (SENURA, France)

  • (P11) : Microbiome observations of fully-watered and deficit-watered micropropagated rootstock pecan trees

Dr. Kimberly Cervantes (New Mexico State University, USA)

  • (P12) : Exploring the molecular basis of the scarlet pellicle trait in English walnut (Juglans regia ‘Robert Livermore’)

Noah G. Feinberg (University of California, USA)

  • (P13) : Fruit effect of exogenous application of calcium chloride in Chandler commercial walnut orchards

Assist. Prof. Helen Kalorizou (University of Patras, Greece)

  • (P14) : Effects of Modified Atmosphere Packaging on in-shell stored fresh walnuts

Dr. Miltiadis Christopoulos (Hellenic Agricultural Organizatoin – Demeter, Greece)




These posters will be presented on June 15 from 09:29 – 09:35


  • (P15) : Fungal community associated with shoot blight and branch dieback of ‘Pieral’ Lara walnut variety

Loredana Cretu G. Stelian (Romania)

  • (P16) : Anthracnose Disease of Walnut in California and its Management

Dr. Themis Michailides (University of California- Davis, USA)

  • (P17) : Efficacy of two nematode species against the Walnut husk fly

Dr. Erick D.M. Campan (Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse, France)

  • (P18) : Walnut Husk Fly – Monitoring population dynamics and density with yellow sticky traps               

Dr. Anita Solar, Rok Veber (University of Ljubljana, Slovania)

  • (P19) : First report of Ilyonectria liriodendri causing black foot of walnut in Chile

Prof. Gabino Reginato (University of Chile, Chile)

  • (P20) : Project ParasiT: using egg parasitoids as biocontrol agents against walnut and chestnut lepidopteran pests

Jean-Baptiste Philibert (SENURA, France)